From 2002 onwards, a company called "Royall Guitar Workshop" began to specialize in the production of resonator guitars, and it was a vibrant and young enterprise. Today, Royall has established cooperative relationships with well-known brands from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and other places.

In recent years, Royall introduced the ROYALL brand to enter the Global market, and provide the highest quality resonator guitars to music enthusiasts at the most reasonable price, dedicated to promoting new music culture, and providing exceptional musical experiences for global musicians.

Resonator guitars to music

The significance of resonator guitars in music lies in their unique design aimed at enhancing sound resonance and projection. Unlike traditional wooden guitars, resonator guitars typically utilize metal bodies or bodies fitted with metal resonator cones, aiding in amplifying and projecting sound, imparting them with a distinctive and bright tone.

Initially developed in the early 20th century to boost volume and projection without electric amplification, resonator guitars found popularity in styles like blues music due to their ability to produce bright, sharp, and resonant tones, allowing them to stand out in performances.

Resonator guitars come in several types, including tri-cone and single-cone resonator guitars, each with its unique resonator device and sonic characteristics, yet sharing the feature of utilizing resonator bodies to enhance sound resonance and projection.

Renowned for their distinct appearance and sound, resonator guitars are favored by many guitarists in specific music styles such as blues, folk, and country music, providing performers with rich tones and expressiveness.

In addition to tri-cone and single-cone resonator guitars, another common type is the wooden-bodied resonator guitar, which uses wood for the body construction but still employs a resonator cone to enhance sound resonance. Wooden-bodied resonator guitars typically produce warm, gentle tones, potentially more suitable for playing softer and mellower music styles like folk and jazz.

Furthermore, a special resonator guitar design known as the “spider bridge” features a unique bridge structure supporting the strings, allowing resonator guitars to generate clearer, brighter sounds.

Resonator guitars are esteemed for their unique sonic characteristics and appearance, favored by many guitarists to add diversity and expressiveness to their playing. Whether in traditional or modern styles, resonator guitars offer unique applications and charm.


Mao Mawyer, CEO of ROYALL

Mawyer's parent Mr. Mao and Mrs. Mao.